Since Johny Hendricks scored a decision win over Matt Brown at UFC 185, the consensus is that he’ll fight for the title next, but clearly Tyron Woodley thinks the UFC should go in another direction.

Following Hendricks’ loss to Robbie Lawler in December, it looked like a rubber match with the new welterweight champ would be next. But, Lawler decided he wanted to take some time off, and “Bigg Rigg” elected to fight Brown as a means to stay busy. The UFC, meanwhile, went ahead and booked Rory MacDonald to face Lawler on July 11th.

So, now that Hendricks has retained his #1 contender status by decisioning Brown, he should fight the winner of Lawler-MacDonald II right? Well, not if Woodley gets his wish.

Recently, the decorated wrestler appeared on “The MMA Hour”, and Woodley argued that Brown shouldn’t have fought Hendricks to begin with. According to “The Chosen One”, since Brown is ranked #5, and hasn’t defeated a top ten ranked welterweight, the #3 positioned Woodley should have fought Hendricks first.

Well, as we know, Woodley faced Kelvin Gastelum in January and handed the fighter his first professional defeat. But, since Lawler-MacDonald won’t take place for a while, Woodley wants to square off with Hendricks in the coming months.

Here is some of what the 32 year-old contender had to say (quotes via MMA

“In the meantime, I think Johny should fight me. We got unfinished business from the Big 12 days. I think it’s a great style match-up. Two wrestlers with heavy power, beating a lot of top 10 guys. I think that when he made his stake to get to the title, he did the same thing Rory did. They beat all these guys and they deserved the title, but they didn’t get it. He finally got his opportunity. Now it’s guys like me, who has had some bumps along the road, but I’ve came back like elastic. You saw me lose to freakin’ Jake Shields and I bounced back and I knocked out freakin’ Koscheck. I lose to Rory MacDonald. Two months later on short notice I knock out Dong Hyun Kim.

“Let’s be for real,” Woodley added. “Let’s get this going.”

Now, a lot of fans would likely enjoy watching Hendricks and Woodley throw down, but that doesn’t mean it will happen. After all, Hendricks already risked his title shot by facing Brown, and did what he had to do.

But, as Woodley alluded to,  if Hendricks waits around for the winner of Lawler-MacDonald, he could be sidelined until October, or possibly November. Even later if someone gets injured in the UFC 189 bout. So, maybe the UFC will take a look at this match-up? You never know.