Considering the success Brock Lesnar had after he moved from pro-wrestling to MMA, it’s not surprising that Phil “CM Punk” Brooks is hitting up the former UFC champ for advice, as he transitions into fighting.

While Lesnar’s UFC run came to an end after consecutive, stoppage defeats, the  WWE star proved a tee-un of doubters / haters wrong, by winning the UFC’s heavyweight championship. Well, Brooks recently spoke with MMA, and he relayed that he has in fact, called on Lesnar for some advice. Here is some of what the former pro-wrestler had to say about his conversation with Lesnar.

“[Lesnar] offered his help,” Brooks said. “He said, ‘Anything. You got a stupid question, you want to bug me, go for it.’ So I do. I asked him what the hardest thing for him to do was, because obviously he’s a freak athlete but something had to be difficult for him. And I find it’s the exact same thing I’m having difficulty with, and that’s learning to let go.

“Sparring is completely different. Somebody’s trying to punch me in the face, I’m trying to punch them in the face. But often I’ll find that I’m too light on guys if I’m rolling. My hips aren’t heavy enough, because it’s almost like I’m trying to work with them. It’s like the old pro wrestling kicking in, and he had that same problem. So it’s interesting to know that.”

That is interesting, and it makes a lot of sense, since in pro-wrestling you’re supposed to make it look like you’re trying to harm your opponent, rather than actually doing so…By all accounts, CM Punk was one of the best when it came to the art of pro-wrestling, which is one of the reasons he became one of the top names in the WWE.

Punk also talked about a timeline for his first, UFC fight, and as he relayed not long after he signed with the promotion, he’s still hoping to fight before the year is out. Brooks acknowledged that his coach, Duke Roufus, wants to have Punk train for one year in total, before he makes his UFC debut.

And, as far as Lesnar, the decorated wrestler apparently only has a couple of weeks left on his current WWE deal…so, yeah, that rumor mill is going to keep on turning and turning…