Duke Roufus has repeatedly, and understandably, heaped praise on Anthony Pettis over the years, but recently the accomplished coach made an interesting comparison about the UFC lightweight champ.

As you know, the Roufusport fighter is scheduled to fight Rafael dos Anjos this Saturday at UFC 185, and Roufus himself, appeared on “The MMA Hour” this week to discuss the bout. After relaying the personal and professional growth of Pettis, Roufus had this to say, when asked to predict how Saturday’s scrap will end (quotes via MMA Fighting.com):

“Knockout,” Roufus said. “This is going to be a fight that’s won on the feet. I got to tell you, Anthony, when he ran off that five-fight streak in the WEC and had some amazing performances — a Pettis that’s fighting this often is the most dangerous Pettis you’ll see.  You don’t want to let this kid starting fighting too often if you’re the other contenders. He said the other day I could do this four times a year easy. That’s how easy the training camps are for him. Not because he’s lazy, but because he is like the [Floyd] Mayweather of our sport, hard work and dedicated. He’s the guy [that says], ‘hey, let’s do one more round,’ or ‘hey, let’s do another session on Saturday.’ He’s the one asking me to schedule more as opposed to me telling him to schedule more. That’s why he’s going to win.”

Yes, judging by what Pettis has showcased in the cage over the years, it’s clear he puts a lot of time in at the gym. Roufus also went on to add that “one day” he witnessed Pettis spar 14 straight rounds with “top level boxers.” Now that’s scary.

Of course, Roufus is just one of many people who believe Pettis could be headed to MMA superstardom, now that he’s healthy and the reigning UFC champ. But, it will be interesting to see how he performs against dos Anjos, who is nasty on the ground and has a dangerous stand-up game as well.

If you’re wondering, the betting lines have Pettis as the favorite in the -425 to -450 range.

UFC 185 will be hosted by the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.