Recently Joe Rogan raised some eyebrows throughout MMA by saying that in his opinion, Ronda Rousey is so good, she may be able to defeat “50%” of the UFC’s male, bantamweight fighters. Well, it looks like flyweight contender Ian McCall, does’t exactly see eye-to-eye with Rogan on that one…

Rogan made the comments while talking to ESPN’s Dan Lebatard, and he made them, before Rousey took out Cat Zingano at UFC 184 in 14 seconds. The accomplished martial artist went on to contend that women fighters can’t absorb strikes the same way men can, due to the physical differences. But, Rogan believes that Rousey might even be able to defeat “60%” of male bantamweights, depending on how she takes punches.

Well, McCall recently spoke with Rick Lee, and here is some of what he had to say, when asked about Rogan’s comments (quotes via MMA

“They say all these comparisons to her fighting men,” said McCall. “Even like Joe [Rogan]. I need to have a conversation with Joe about it because she’s not beating up a man. I’m sorry, it’s not going to happen.”

“Ronda’s definitely not the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world,” said McCall. “She’s the best woman on the planet. That’s cute. Cool. Well, we’re doing men things. Different. I get it, you’re really good and all but to compare her to┬áJon Jones, Jose Aldo, Demetrious Johnson or Cain Velasquez … come on. Any of the champions. It’s a different world. It just frustrates me.”

The flyweight and experienced wrestler also argued that even with a gi on, Rousey would not be able to throw him. How about that?

McCall, meanwhile, is coming off a decision loss to John Lineker in January, and has yet to be booked for his next fight. He is currently ranked #3 in the UF’s flyweight division.