Not long ago, Dana White said he believed Georges St-Pierre would return to the UFC in 2015, but based off what he recently said about the former champ, it sounds like he might have changed his mind.

White recently spoke to AXS TV, and the UFC President was asked about the promotion’s new drug policy, which will include more stringent and extensive testing.  GSP has said repeatedly that he won’t consider coming back to fighting, unless significant steps are taken to address the issue of PEDs.

White was specifically asked if he’s talked to GSP, since the UFC announced its new testing policies, and whether he believes it could led to the star’s return (quote via MMA

“I haven’t really spoken to him,” White said. “I’ve asked him if he wants to fight and things like that. You know, this is one of those sports – I say this all the time – if a guy doesn’t want to fight, the last thing you want to do is pressure a guy to fight. Georges St-Pierre doesn’t want to fight. And, if Georges St-Pierre wants to retire? I get it. He goes out on top, he’s made a lot of money, and he’s doing movies now. If he’s ready to retire, I’m never going to be the guy to pressure him into coming back.”

“You have to want to do this, and apparently Georges doesn’t.”

White reportedly contacted GSP a little while ago to see if he was interested in fighting at UFC 186 on April 25th. The card will go down in St-Pierre’s home city of Montreal. GSP turned it down, however, as he’s only recently begun to train more intensely, after suffering another ACL tear last year.

While it remains to be seen if St-Pierre returns, regardless of the UFC’s new testing policies, White’s right. The Canadian star has made a lot of money and went out with the title. So, if the 33 year-old never fights again, no one should be terribly surprised.