Anderson Silva stood by Jon Jones during his recent drug scandal, and now the UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion is doing the same for “The Spider”.

When it was revealed that Jones tested positive for cocaine metabolites leading up to UFC 182, Silva argued that everyone makes mistakes, and relayed that he continues to be friends with the star. Since then, it’s been announced that Silva allegedly tested positive for steroids, as well as other restricted medications, before and after his bout with Nick Diaz in January.

Jones attended a press conference this past weekend, in advance of UFC 184, and when asked about Silva’s situation, he reportedly stated (comments via MMA

“When you go through a situation like he’s gone through, there’s a lot of medical people that are gonna advise you to do this or that to heal yourself,” Jones said. “I’ll never look at Anderson as a cheater. What he’s been able to accomplish throughout his career is just unbelievable. He’s still a guy I admire and look up to tremendously and I’m pulling for him to just get through all this and continue being the champion that he’s been.”

Those comments have come when now it’s being reported, that Silva’s camp is preparing to argue that the fighter did use performance enhancing drugs, but only with a ‘therapeutic’ intent. Silva broke his leg in December, 2013, and more recently, he was having issues with his back. The legendary fighter, who is expected to appear in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission later this month, hasĀ said he always played “clean”.

“Bones”, who has also done some training with Silva in the past, also reportedly added this:

“I’ve never been a guy to condone steroids,” Jones said. “I’ve had my own personal issues, but I do not condone steroids. I don’t really know the whole situation. I don’t believe he’s been doing it his whole career.”

Silva’s ongoing issues aside, Jones is booked to fight Anthony Johnson at UFC 187 on May 23rd. Now that’s a fight you don’t want to miss…