Chances are a ton of people have already, mentally checked off July 11th in their head, as that’s the date Conor McGregor will challenge UFC featherweight champ Jose Aldo. While the buzz regarding the bout has died down somewhat in recent weeks, due to all the PED scandals and other UFC events, as the fight nears, the hype train will kick into overdrive.

Of course, not only is it going to be a massive fight because of the abilities of both men, but because McGregor has become arguably the sport’s greatest showman and trash talker. Sure, not everyone believes “Notorious” should be challenging for the title already, but even his biggest critics will be forking out cash to watch UFC 189.

While Aldo has become one of the sport’s biggest names, he’s largely done so through performing jaw dropping, violent acts in the Octagon, rather than trash talking his opponents. That said, leading up to his rematch with Chad Mendes, Aldo launched a few zingers at the powerful wrestler, and more recently he’s been firing verbal shots back at McGregor.

Thus, this is probably why Aldo had this to say recently, while talking to Globo’s Combate (translation via MMA

“I starting to like this,” Aldo said. “We have to talk a little trash to sell fights, talk more, because we know we will profit more from that. It’s important. It’s great for me, for [McGregor] and the UFC that this fight happens because of the money.

“Everybody wins. But if you talk about rankings, I don’t think he deserves because they create the rankings for that. But those rankings never meant s**t anyway, nobody f***ing follows it, so that’s great for me because of the money.”

Yes, one would think that the upcoming fight will provide Aldo his biggest pay day yet, as the card will likely sell more than its fair share of pay-per-views. McGregor has become a huge draw, and since he’s fighting the sport’s greatest featherweight ever, it would be pretty shocking if the card didn’t do really well at the box office.

UFC 189 will be hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.