Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva has been knocked out in his last two fights, and has been stopped in three of his last four, but the heavyweight contender says his chin remains just fine.

Silva was floored by a left hook from Frank Mir last night at UFC Fight Night 61, and then was finished with several elbows from above. Due to the punishment the 35 year-old has taken in several of his last few fights, Silva was asked whether he’s concerned about his ability to take punches, at the post fight presser.

Here is what Silva had to say (quotes via

“I don’t know if you watched the fight. Watch where the first punch was where he knocked me down,” Silva said. “All the knockdowns that I’ve taken were hits to my head. I think [a weak chin] has nothing to do with it… Frank hit me first. He’s a heavyweight. Heavyweights are like this. It happens.

“Sometimes you take a whole fight taking punches, like it was with Mark Hunt, and you’re still there. Then, all of a sudden, you get a punch that lands in the right place. It was his merit. I waited to hit him on the counter attack, but it was all his merit. Congratulations to him.”

So, not surprisingly, clearly “Bigfoot” didn’t care for that question…While Silva makes a good point, in that he battled the feared slugger Mark Hunt for five, unforgettable rounds, since then he’s been KO’d by Andrei Arlovski and now Mir.

Silva also took a ton of hard shots from Cain Velasquez in their second meeting, which went down in May, 2013. So, it’s not really shocking to see some people question whether his chin might be a concern.

All this aside, now it will be interesting to see if Silva can rebound from this defeat. This time two years ago, the MMA world was buzzing about Silva’s KO win over Alistair Overeem. The massive heavyweight, however, has gone winless in four bouts since.