Luke Rockhold isn’t accusing Lyoto Machida of using performance enhancing drugs, but he has pointed out that some of the fighter’s Black House teammates, have failed drug tests in recent months.

Rockhold is set to fight Machida at UFC on FOX 15, which will take place on April 18th. Machida has never tested positive for PEDs, but the same cannot be said for Black House competitors like Kevin Casey, Anderson Silva and Brian Ortega.

The former Strikeforce champ recently appeared on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones, and here is some of what Rockhold had to say about the Los Angeles gym.

“I’m not a fan of (cheating), and I definitely am pushing for more drug testing, more random blood testing and whatnot,” Rockhold said. “Especially (within the) Black House camp. There’s been (three or four guys from that camp who have been caught cheating) and (Lyoto) Machida is a Black House guy.”

“I think he’s (Machida) a clean fighter, but I’m definitely pushing (for more testing),” Rockhold said. “I want a clean sport, like baseball. We need to get on their level. Let’s start cleaning things up a little bit here.”

Rockhold went on to say that he couldn’t “live with himself” if he used PEDs, even when, he noted, he was recovering from a nagging shoulder injury.

“I got injured and I was out for about 19 months. I had a bad shoulder injury I kept re-injuring, and people started getting into my ear trying to tell me I could recover faster and get back in. I just kept blocking them off.”

The AKA fighter was indeed sidelined for a long time, but more recently, Rockhold has won three straight fights and is worked his way into the #5 spot at 185.

UFC on FOX 15 will be hosted by the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.