Although many people believe the evidence is mounting against Anderson Silva, since he’s allegedly tested positive for banned substances in several tests, the legendary fighter is still maintaining his innocence.

As you certainly know, following the initial word that Silva allegedly tested positive for  drostanolone metabolites and androstane leading up to UFC 183, the former middleweight champ denied using PEDs. Then, earlier this week, the Nevada State Athletic Commission revealed that Silva failed more tests he was given on fight day (January 31st).

According to the NSAC, Silva allegedly tested positive for the steroid drostanolone on that day, as well as Oxazepam and Temazepam. Those are used to treat anxiety and insomnia respectively, and their use is supposed to be disclosed to the commission, which reportedly they weren’t.

Well, in a new statement Silva has posted on his Instagram account, the 39 year-old relayed the following:

IN RESPECT TO MY FANS I will not say anything about who I am or what I went through to get here. What matters to me now is the respect from those who have followed my career. I bled, struggled and fought because I love it and because I always wanted to honor the flag of the country I love so much. I don’t know what to apologize for, because I am still waiting for the results and analysis from the specialists that are working to reveal the truth. Everything that I took since my injury are being analyzed. I look for the truth as much as all those who were surprised with the results. I always played clean, I was never a cheater. In eighteen years of my career, I never had a problem with exams. In and out of the Octagon I never slipped in compliance with the principles that always guided me. With much honor and dignity I defended my country where ever I fought. I never used any substances to better my performance in my fights. I love what I do and I would never risk what I took so long to build. I think that the hurry some people have to condemn me is unfair. The time it takes to destroy a reputation is infinitely less than that is taken to build it. I am the one who is most eager to settle this situation. I want those who have always supported me to know that I am still fighting for all the sad happenings of this situation to be cleared.

It is true that Silva had never failed any drug tests in the past, but critics will point out that in this case, he was returning from the broken leg he incurred in 2013. When the results of Silva’s first test came out, many noted that he had not been randomly tested, out-of-competition in the past, but now we know he allegedly failed his fight day test as well.

Reading the statement, it looks like Silva’s rep’s might argue the fighter never knowingly took PEDs, and that somehow, he encountered them through another product / supplement he was using. Silva noted they are analysing everything he “took” after his injury. Since the fighter is expected to appear in front of the NSAC next month, we shall see what his team has to say about all this then. The lab that conducted the tests is  WADA accredited facility.

Silva outscored Nick Diaz for the unanimous decision win at UFC 183, but barring a successful appeal, that result will be overturned to a no contest.