There aren’t as many stories coming out regarding CM Punk these days, as it’s been a little while now since his UFC deal was announced, but every now and then a new report pops up regarding the pro wrestling star.

Punk, or Phil Brooks, has begun preparing for his UFC debut at the Roufusport gym in Milwaukee, and recently the aspiring fighter spoke with In the interview Brooks talked about his decision to pursue his MMA dream, how his training is going etc, but he also offered this interesting take on how pro wrestling is similar to MMA.

“I think MMA is pro wrestling,” Punk said. “If you go back to the early 1900’s and the whole genesis of professional wrestling, and then you go back to the early beginnings of MMA, it was all pro wrestlers.”

“The characters, the action, the media, the mouths,” Punk added. “There’s a reason people are interested in this, whether it’s good or it’s bad, whether they love me or they hate me.”

Yes, although many combat purists don’t like to draw lines between MMA and pro-rasslin, there’s little doubt that there’s a crossover in terms of how important story lines are to both activities. In addition, as Punk noted, there’s also a tie in terms of techniques. Pro wrestling, as we know it, maybe ‘fake’, but that’s not how it all began. Just ask Josh Barnett.

Punk was also asked about Brock Lesnar, who is also a huge WWE name that crossed over into MMA (and won the UFC heavyweight title). Brooks relayed that he’s talked to Lesnar about his MMA plans etc, and that the latter has “offered all his help, even if it’s just bug him with a stupid question. It’s cool to know he supports me.”

The 36 year-old Brooks is expected to make his UFC debut later in 2015, and he noted in the story that it could take place in October, November or December. Punk also acknowledged, however, that his first pro bout could go down before that or after. Right now he’s just focused on training and his coaches will evaluate his progress in several months time.