There were moments last night where it looked like thing could turn south for Benson Henderson, but the rugged and well rounded vet kept coming and tapped out Brandon Thatch in round four.

After UFC Fight Night 60, Henderson spoke with FOX Sports Live about the bout, and what his strategy was for defeating the powerful and ridiculously dangerous welterweight (quotes via press release).

“I was a little bit worried in the first round and second rounds, his coaches said to go to my chest. He landed a jab to my chest and it almost caved it in. I thought – This dude’s pretty strong, I better stay on my horses.”

Henderson did indeed take some heavy blows, but he landed his fair share of hard shots too, and then ended the fight in with a rear-naked-choke.

“I wanted to stay away from his strengths and wear him down a little bit. I always like my chances in the fourth and fifth rounds.”

And what did UFC boss man Dana White think of the former lightweight champ’s performance? Well, here is what White relayed to FOX Sports:

“I’m so blown away with Benson Henderson. This size difference was insane. Henderson picked him apart from the first round. What’s crazy coming out of the third round, both of Thatch’s eyes were closing. But Benson didn’t even look like he was in a fight. He’s so tough and so talented, I’m so impressed.”

Yes, even the biggest Henderson critic has to concede that last night’s win was pretty impressive and memorable. Many believe Thatch is destined to be a top 15/ 10 welterweight, especially when you consider what he showed against Paulo Thiago and Justin Edwards.

Following the bout, Henderson offered to fight top ranked welterweight Rory MacDonald, and when White was asked about the request, he stated:

“After what he did tonight, who can deny him at 170 pounds?”

UFC FN 60 went down in Broomfield, Colorado.