By now, the MMA world has heard from various fighters and pundits regarding the recent PED scandals, but Brendan Schaub recently provided some eye brow raising comments about the issue.

Schaub has weighed in on the subject in the past, but that was before┬áthe consensus, greatest of all time in Anderson Silva, allegedly tested positive for steroids. Well, on a recent episode of his podcast with Bryan Callen, “The Fighter and the Kid“, Schaub offered these interesting comments (quotes via MMA

“Listen, I would love to hear an argument for why I shouldn’t do steroids,” Schaub said. “Give me one. Let’s say I take steroids and test positive. Say I’m a young kid [getting to the UFC] and I ask my dad, ‘Dad, why shouldn’t I take steroids?’ Can I say, ‘Well, you’ll never be world champ.’ That’s not true. Anderson Silva’s world champ. ‘Well, you’ll never fight for a title.’ That’s not true.

“Chael Sonnen tested positive, fought for a title. ‘Well, you’ll never be ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ coach.’ Nope, Chael Sonnen, Anderson Silva. ‘Well, you’ll never be a main event.’ No, not true. Alistair Overeem’s a main event. Bigfoot Silva’s a main event. ‘Well, listen, you might get fired.’ No, not really. Guys pop all the time. If it’s cheating, everyone else is doing it and they’re getting rewarded for it.”

Schaub is clearly, pretty frustrated with the current status-quo regarding PEDs in MMA and obviously he’s not the only one. The 31 year-old fighter also argued that the punishments for doing PEDs aren’t severe enough, since first time offenders typically incur a small fine and are suspended for around nine months.

Of course, some have argued that promotions could elect to impose additional punishments on fighters if they wanted to, instead of leaving it up to athletic commissions. But, it remains to be seen if organizations start going that route.

Now as far as Schaub’s career, the fighter currently isn’t booked for his next bout. The TUF vet is coming off a split decision loss to Andrei Arlovski, and more recently, a TKO defeat to Travis Browne. “Big Brown” is 2-3 in his last 5 fights.