Ronda Rousey has been asked to weigh-in on the issue of PEDs again, and like fellow star Georges St-Pierre, the UFC bantamweight champ says drug use could lead to a disastrous outcome.

Recently, St-Pierre did an interview with the Canadian Press, and while doing so, he argued that PEDs are a type of “biological weapon“.  Well, Rousey recently discussed the issue of PEDs with Yahoo Sports, and the renowned Judoka stated:

“People need to realize that is a weapon and they’re bringing a weapon into the cage and they’re making our sport unsafe,” said Rousey. “The day that a person dies in that Octagon and the person who killed them tests positive for performance-enhancing drugs, we’re going to have our first homicide case. It’s going to destroy the whole sport.

“Do you think that one little pay-per-view getting a couple of extra views is worth that? No, it’s not [expletive] worth it. I think there needs to be as strict of drug testing as there is for the Olympics, maybe even harder.”

It’s a salient and yet terrifying point from Rousey, and hopefully because she is such a significant figure in MMA, her opinions can promote further change. Having big names like GSP say they he won’t return to fighting, unless more is done to reduce PED use, will also help.

Rousey was also asked what her reaction was, after she heard the news that Anderson Silva allegedly tested positive for steroids in a pre-UFC 183 test. The undefeated fighter said she was “heartbroken”  and “wanted to cry.”

Silva, who is set to appear in front of the Nevada Commission on February 17th, has denied using PEDs. The fighter’s second round of tests came back negative for any banned substances.

The issue of drugs aside, Rousey continues to prepare for her next bout, which will go down on February 28th versus Cat Zingano. The bout will headline UFC 184, which will be hosted by the Staples Center in Los Angeles.