Tapology has unveiled a comprehensive list of over 50 regional rankings for MMA fighters, including a set of worldwide rankings.

The regional rankings are updated daily from the Tapology FightCenter database with 10 editors focused on entering regional information to determine the rankings.

Along with worldwide and regional sets, there are all all-time, annual, custom and my rankings tabs that can be accessed on the Tapology website.

Below is the complete press release sent out regarding the rankings:

Tapology is pleased to inform you of the immediate availability of our new mixed martial arts Regional Rankings.

This provides comprehensive, free fighter rankings for over 50 regions around the globe. Fighters are ranked at both the amateur and professional level, by weight class, using a proprietary rating algorithm developed specifically for this purpose. Among the factors driving the rankings are win/loss record, strength of opposition at the time of each fight, fight recency, overall experience, and more.

Having an unbiased and well-defined ranking system will provide structure and grounding to MMA on the local level. Uses for this information include identifying top prospects and other standouts, being able to quickly size up a fight card and know “what to watch,” allowing organizers to match their fight cards properly based on reliable rankings, and for promoters to showcase when the best within a region are scheduled to fight. Promoters and Media are encouraged to use the Regional Rankings for their own purposes as long as they attribute Tapology as the source.

Regional Rankings are updated daily from the Tapology FightCenter database. With 10 editors focused on entering regional information, there is a wealth of data being entered that powers the rankings algorithm. To access the Regional Rankings, visit tapology.com and click to the Rankings tab. Regional Rankings information is also displayed throughout the Tapology FightCenter on fighter, event, bout and region pages.