As we all wait to see what unfolds next, following the news that Anderson Silva has allegedly tested positive for steroids, Chael Sonnen has offered his old rival some advice.

Unless you’re brand new to all this ‘ultimate fighting’ stuff, then you know that Sonnen battled Silva on two occasions and was defeated by the legendary fighter both times. You also know that Sonnen failed a few drug tests during his memorable career, and is still under suspension, after testing positive for PEDs last year.

Well, Sonnen recently appeared on TSN’s “Off the Record” with Michael Landsberg, and the always entertaining commentator was asked to weigh in on the Silva situation. Here is some of what the now retired fighter had to say (quote via MMA

“If he did this, I would encourage him and anybody else, much like me, just come out and say you did it,” Sonnen said . “The door is still open to come out and just tell us what happened. Say, ‘Listen, it was still in my system. I’m busted. I’m sorry.’ Lay it out, fade to black, and roll the credits.”

Earlier in the week, Silva relayed to his doctor, and the medical director of the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission , Marcio Tannure, that he is innocent. Then, more recently, Silva released his own statement stating that he has never used PEDs. When Sonnen was asked about what Silva told Tannure, the decorated wrestler stated:

“I can tell you, I wish he wouldn’t have said anything yet,” Sonnen said. “He needs to put a little time between – let me talk about me, and not Anderson. I wanted to come clean. I wanted to tell everything I can, but when you’re confronted as a human being with shame, when you know you’re wrong, it’s very difficult to fully express everything. Now I eventually got there, but I’ll tell you first hand it took me a while. My first reaction was, ‘Hey, this is my business, and I don’t want to talk about it.’ I came through it, and I think if Anderson puts some time in between, he might change his stance.”

Sonnen added that Silva might “be of the mind that he didn’t do it”, but warned that the government funded lab which conducted the tests will defend itself “vigorously”, if Silva’s camp attempts to discredit it.

Silva and Sonnen fought in 210 and 2012, in what were two of the UFC’s biggest fights to date. Silva came from behind in their first meeting to win via fifth round submission, and in the rematch, the former middleweight champ stopped Sonnen in round two.