As MMA fans wait to hear what Anderson Silva has to say about the news he’s allegedly tested positive for steroids, the legend’s doctor claims the fighter denies using the banned substances.

If you missed it, late on Tuesday the UFC announced that Silva allegedly tested positive for  Drostanolone metabolites in a drug test that was conducted prior to UFC 183.  It is also being reported that the former middleweight champ tested positive for androstane too. The UFC’s official statement noted that additional testing is expected to be done to “confirm these preliminary results.”

Nick Diaz, who Silva decisioned at UFC 183, reportedly tested positive for marijuana metabolites in a post-fight drug test.

The 39 year-old Silva has yet to make a statement regarding the test results, but his physician, Dr. Marcio Tannure recently appeared on Band News radio to discuss the situation. According to Tannure, who is also the medical director of the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA), Silva told him the following (quote via MMA

“Anderson told me he’s disappointed, upset because he didn’t use steroids,” Dr. Tannure relayed. “He will ask for the confirmation test because he believes the only explanation is a contamination or a mistake from the lab. He told me: ‘I have an impeccable career history and I wouldn’t want to tarnish my image.’”

Tannure added that the testing process isn’t over, and that Silva has the right to undergo several more tests, in terms of verifying these preliminary results.

So, it will be fascinating to see what unfolds next. All this comes at a time when fans have been waiting to hear whether Silva will fight again,  and or make another title run. If additional tests come back positive, then the soon to be 40 year-old fighter will spend the remainder of 2015 on the sidelines.

Silva’s win over Diaz marked the first time he’s fought since December, 2013, when he broke his leg while fighting middleweight champ, Chris Weidman.