Sure, in theory, having Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre finally throw down makes a lot of sense, but it doesn’t sound like the latter is making a comeback any time soon…

Now that Silva has returned to the UFC, and decisioned Nick Diaz, it remains to be seen whether he’ll fight again. But, if he does decide to keep fighting, the argument’s been made that this is a perfect time to have him face St-Pierre.

After all, neither man is currently hold a UFC championship, so no title shots would have to be delayed, and there’s a lot less at stake, in comparison to say, two, three years ago. In addition, since Silva is closing in on 40, time is running out in terms of booking the all-star bout.

Well, Silva’s manager Ed Soares recently appeared on “The MMA Hour”, and according to a follow up report from MMA he’s definitely on board with the idea. The problem is, however, that St-Pierre has not said he plans to fight again, and here is what his manager had to say when he was asked about the fight:

“Georges is really enjoying his life right now,” Rodolphe Beaulieu said, “and has no plan of coming back.”

Now sure, Beaulieu could be keeping GSP’s plans for a comeback under wraps, but at the end of the day, we still haven’t received any strong signals that St-Pierre plans to fight again. In addition, you have to question whether this is the kind of fight that St-Pierre is interested in taking. Sure, he would make a ton of money from it, but the former champ has repeatedly stated that he doesn’t have to worry about his finances any more.

Further, in the past, St-Pierre has said he would have to pack on some mass before he would face Silva, and possibly abandon fighting at welterweight. So, if GSP elects to come back, will he do so out of a desire to regain the welterweight title he held on to for so long? Or face a legend like Silva, who many believe, is no longer the force that he once was?

Hopefully we find out sooner than later.