Although UFC President Dana White said that Anderson Silva could advance to a title shot, if he defeated Nick Diaz, it remains unclear as to whether the legendary fighter will compete again.

Moments after Silva was awarded a unanimous decision win over Diaz at UFC 183, the former middleweight champ told Joe Rogan that he’d talk to his family first, before making any decisions regarding his career. Well, Silva reportedly talked to one his sons not long after, and relayed the following at the post-fight presser (quotes via MMA

“When I finished, I went back to the locker room, and I called my family,” Silva said. “My son, Kalyl, said, ‘Dad, congratulations, but done. Back to home, please. No more fight.’ So this is my son.

“I need to talk to my family. I love my job. This is me. I love to fight, but I need to talk to my family because this is more important in my life now.”

Silva certainly appeared to be a little rusty early on, but that’s not surprising, considering it was his first time fighting since he broke his leg in 2013. So, the debate has already begun, as to whether Silva should attempt another title run, or end on a winning note. Chances are his family believes he should go with the latter.

UFC 183 was hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.