There were several, intriguing moments tied to the main event scrap between Nick Diaz and Anderson Silva at UFC 183, including when the latter scaled the Octagon to see Jon Jones…

After Silva’s bout with Diaz concluded, the former middleweight champ went over the fences and went straight for Jones. No, not in a Conor McGregor-Jose Aldo way, as in a ‘there’s my buddy’ fashion. Everyone knew that Silva and Jones are pals, but the move likely surprised some.

Well, here is what Silva had to say about the move (quote via MMA

“Jones is my friend,” said Silva. “I talk to Jones all the time. He’s young. He has all the problems. All the people hear his problems. There are problems in the world. The people talk (that) this guy is bad. He’s not bad.”

Silva earned a unanimous decision win over Diaz on Saturday night, in what was his first fight since 2013, when he broke his leg while facing Chris Weidman.

Jones, meanwhile, is expected to face Anthony Johnson sometime in May.