Now that the Fight Pass prelims for UFC 183 are over, we’ll move to the rest of the preliminary card, which will feature several pivotal fights.

Case in point, John Lineker is set to battle flyweight Ian McCall in the prelims, and Miesha Tate will throw down with fellow bantamweight contender, Sarah McMann.

Rafael Natal vs. Tom Watson

Natal is keeping busy with jabs and kicks. Watson responds. Watson attempts a body kick but gets swept to the floor.  Fight is back on its feet. Natal continues to fire off more strikes than Watson, who seems to be having trouble finding his range. Watson is starting to wear Natal’s strikes. Natal lands a solid right hand that sends Watson stumbling into the cage. The British fighter waves him on. Watson attempts a knee but gets taken down briefly. Natal takes Watson back to the floor. Watson works his way back up, but once again, he gets taken down. Round ends.

Round 2: Natal plants a hard right not long into the round. Watson shrugs it off. The middleweights exchange leg kicks. Natal shoots in as Watson throws a kick, and takes him down. Watson crawls back to the cage and is trying to get back up. Natal lands a thumping punch as Watson gets back to his feet. The two exchange strikes and then Natal shoots in. Watson defends and fires a hard leg kick. Natal charges in and clinches up, but can’t get Watson down. Briefly Natal sweeps him to the floor. Watson is landing more often than the first round, but isn’t doing much damage. Natal blasts in with a nicely timed takedown before the round ends.

Round 3: Natal lands a couple of stinging jabs. The Brazilian chucks a head kick that Watson blocks. Wow. Natal fires a spinning backfist that just misses. Natal changes levels, shoots in, but is thwarted. Watson continues to move forward but is taking jabs in response. Natal plants a hard right hand. Watson is cranking up the offense but is having trouble breaking through Natal’s defense. Natal stuns Watson with a series of shots and then briefly takes him down. Watson looks for a choke along the fence but is thrown to the mat. Wow. Natal picks Watson up again and slams him to the floor. Fight ends.

Rafael Natal def. Tom Watson via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)

John Lineker vs. Ian McCall

McCall throws a few kicks to begin the fight. McCall follows up with a beautifully timed, double leg not long after. McCall lands an elbow from above and is trying to pass Lineker’s half guard. McCall throws a couple more shots and Lineker is attempting to work his way out. McCall is still maintaing top position as he promised he could do heading into the fight. McCall fires another elbow but Lineker is looking for a heel hook. McCall defends and round ends.

Round 2: Lineker wings a couple of hard punches to begin the round. McCall shots in for a takedown but gets caught in a guillotine. Wow. McCall defends. That was close. Lineker is on top but McCall scrambles to his feet. Lineker fires a hard left. The flyweights clash heads and the bout is temporarily halted. Lineker chucks another hard punch to the body. McCall tries another shot but gets shut down. Lineker storms in and threatens with some heavy punches. Lineker counters with a hard left. McCall shoots in again and gets countered with a choke attempt. McCall works his way out but takes some ground-and-pound punches. Round ends. Good frame for Lineker.

Round 3: Fight is likely at one round per fighter. McCall throws a switch kick but it doesn’t land flush. Lineker wings a right hand but misses. McCall storms in and fires a kick. Lineker takes another kick to the body. McCall shoots in again but can’t get it. Lineker lands a left as he chases McCall. Lineker clips McCall but the latter fires back. McCall is bloodied up. Lineker continues to hunt McCall with winging hooks. Once again, Lineker stuffs McCall’s takedown attempt. Wow. Both men are firing off punches. Fight ends. Great round. Lineker likely is the winner here.

John Lineker def. Ian McCall via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Derek Brunson vs. Ed Herman

Herman fires a few shots to begin the fight and then gets blasted by a Brunson hook and jab. Herman crashes back into the cage, and after Brunson swarms in with shots, the fight’s called. Now that was fast. Crazy. Big win for Brunson.

Derek Brunson def. Ed Herman via TKO (punches) R1, 0:36

Sara McMann vs. Miesha Tate 

Both women fires hard right hands to begin the fight. Tate eats a massive, overhand right and crumples to the floor. McMann is on top, but it looks like Tate’s recovered. McMann is trying to pass Tate’s guard. McMann fires an elbow. Tate is throwing punches from the bottom but McMann passes. The decorated wrestler is working from side mount. McMann isn hunting for a keylock but Tate defends. McMann lands several more shots from below but Tate threatens with a triangle. Round ends.

Round 2: McMann flurries in. Tate responds not long after with her own barrage of punches.  Tate comes in but eats a right hand. McMann lands several more shots. Tate takes yet another right hand and McMann clinches up. Tate blasts in and lands a couple hard shots. Wow. Tate slaps on a guillotine choke and McMann is trying to defend. Tate is on top and is looking for a one arm choke now. Round ends. What a turn around for Tate.

Round 3: Tate charges in but gets thrown. In the scramble, however, Tate gets on top. Tate is working from half guard and then passes into side control. Tate lands several elbows from the top. McMann takes several more punches. Tate traps McMann’s elbow with her leg and slams down a couple more elbows. McMann can’t get out from the bottom. Tate threatens with a Kimura but gives it up. Fight ends. What a comeback for Tate.

Miesha Tate def. Sarah McMann via majority decision (29-28, 29-27, 28-28)