The prelims are over, so let’s move to the pay-per-view card and Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz….shall we?

Thiago Alves vs. Jordan Mein

Mein wings a hard leg kick to begin the fight. Mein cracks a counter right that was partially blocked. Mein tosses a couple more shots but takes a counter punch. Mein stiffs Alves with a jab and then throws in a standing elbow. Alves takes another shot but is taking more than he’s giving. Alves eats another punch. Mein flurries to the body of Alves. The latter charges in but Mein defends. Mein rocks Alves with an uppercut and comes in firing punches and elbows. Alves keeps taking shots. Wow. Great action. Alves comes in but takes another stunning, counter. Alves clinches up and the round ends. Fantastic round for Mein.

Round 2: Alves fires a kick to begin the round but misses. Mein rolls out of the way and gets a roar from the crowd. Wow. Alves blasts Mein to the body with a cracking kick and he goes down. Alves finishes the deal with a storm of punches from above. What a comeback for the “Pitbull”.

Thiago Alves def. Joran Mein via TKO (kick and punches) R2, 0:39

Tim Boetsch vs. Thales Leites 

Boetsch charges in and throws a kick. Leites counters with a kick but is quickly put on the defensive with punches from Boetsch. The latter is winging shots but Leites comes charging back with shots. Leites fires a hard shot but Boetsch chucks one back in return. Boetsch plants a hard uppercut. Wow. Fight continues to be marked by moments of inaction and then violent exchanges. Leites lands a nice counter left. Leites clinches up and pushes Boetsch to the fence. Leites looks for a takedown but can’t get it. Boetsch catches Leites with a right hand and the latter stumbles to the mat. Boetsch is on top but time is running out. Round ends.

Round 2: Leites throws a leg kick to begin the round. Leites plants a left hand but Boetsch comes back firing. Boetsch cracks Leites with an overhand right. “The Barbarian” finds a home for another right hand. Boetsch stuns Leites with a left hand and a follow up right. Leites stumbles to the mat but gets back up, and takes Boetsch down. Leites starts working a side choke and has it locked in. Wow. Boetsch gets out but Leites is still on top. Now Leites is working an arm-triangle-choke on the other side. Boetsch goes out. Crazy, crazy finish.

Al Iaquinta vs. Joe Lauzon

Iaquinta threatens with a single leg a couple of times. Lauzon blasts in and lands an uppercut. Iaquinta fires a hard body shot but takes a stinging counter. Iaquinta fires a head kick that’s blocked. Iaquinta plants a hard, counter hook. Lauzon lands a stiff jab. Iaquinta plants a good leg kick but Lauzon returns with a hard right. Lauzon throws a knee and then jumps back for a guillotine. Iaquinta works his way out and back to his feet. Iaquinta flurries nicely and throws a head kick. Iaquinta comes charging in looking for a takedown but the round ends.

Round 2: Iaquinta throws a few punches to begin the round. Lauzon comes back with his own flurry. Lauzon plants another hard jab. Iaquinta fires off a right hand that’s just short. Iaquinta follows up with an uppercut. Lauzon shoots in but can’t get the takedown. Iaquinta punishes the body of Lauzon with another hook. Iaquinta chucks a booming, overhand right that sends Lauzon down. Iaquinta is battering Lauzon around the cage with punches. The ref steps in to rescue Lauzon from any further punishment. Wow. Big win for Iaquinta.

Al Iaquinta def. Joe Lauzon via TKO (punches) R2, 3:34

Kelvin Gastelum vs. Tyron Woodley

Woodley throws a head kick that misses. Woodley wings a right hand that Gastelum blocks. The latter throws a left hand as some fans boo. Gastelum attempts a body kick that gets blocked. More boos. Woodley plants a left hand. Gastelum picks up his attacks. Woodley fires off a hard right that’s blocked. Woodley wings another right that grazes Gastelum’s head. Gastelum throws a kick and the round ends, amidst boos…

Round 2: Gastelum tosses a couple more kicks but Woodley blocks them. Gastelum takes a poke to the eye in a follow up exchange. Woodley throws a right and plants a hard kick to the body. Gastelum flurries. Woodley stuns Gastelum with a right hand. Woodley swarms in but Gastelum returns fire. Woodley fires a nicely timed leg kick but Gastelum counters. Woodley plants another right. Gastelum follows up with some leg kicks. Fans are getting restless again. Woodley catches Gastelum with a right as he charges in. Gastelum pushes Woodley to the cage.

Round 3: Both men come out firing. Gastelum is cut above his left eye. Woodley counters with a couple or right hands. Gastelum continues to move forward and is winging hard shots. Woodley is still hunting with his right hand. Gastelum clinches up but breaks away. Woodley fires a counter right. Gastelum is still moving forward and nearly catches Woodley, who grins and acknowledges the near miss. The two clinch up again. Gastelum comes in winging shots and the fight ends. More boos.

Tyron Woodley def. Kelvin Gastelum via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

Nick Diaz vs. Anderson Silva 

Okay folks. We have arrived to the main event. Diaz charges out to the center of the cage. Diaz is already taunting. Diaz lands a leg kick. Wow. Diaz is talking a  ton. Diaz lies down for a split second. Wow. How about that for a taunt. This is nuts. Silva throws a leg kick. Silva lands a left and Diaz is still talking. Silva lands a body kick. Diaz plants a left and a follow up right. Silva is remaining calm. Starting to throw more often. Diaz comes in but Silva returns fire. Silva lands another stiff jab. Silva plants another right but Diaz returns fire. Diaz throws a head kick that misses. Round ends. That was kee-razy.

Round 2: Silva throws a kick to the leg of Diaz. Silva tries a side kick that misses. Silva charges in but misses with a couple of punches. Diaz throws several leg kicks. Silva throws a few jabs and then a hard, leg kick. Diaz shoots in but Silva defends. Silva fires a head kick that is blocked. Diaz returns fire but the kicks miss. Diaz lands a hard left but Silva returns fire with a couple of hard leg kicks. Silva lands another left. Silva chucks a thumping kick to the body. Diaz fires multiple shots that Silva elects to eat. Wow.

Round 3: Silva lands a jab to the body, and then a side kick. Silva follows up with a couple more leg kicks. Diaz blocks a head kick. Silva lands another inside leg kick. Silva flurries but Diaz blocks the punches. Silva lands a right but Diaz counters nicely. Diaz fires off several more leg kicks. Diaz’s left eye is pretty bloodied up. Diaz throws several punches but Silva defends. Diaz comes in but takes a counter left. Silva tries a spinning back kick but it misses. Diaz flurries in but eats a counter right. Very productive round for Silva.

Round 4: Both men fire kicks to begin the round. Not much has been thrown in the opening minute. Diaz flurries in and catches Silva with a shot. Silva throws a kick to the body. Action has slowed. Diaz throws a thumping leg kick and both men land shots in the exchange. Diaz chucks several hard elbows from the clinch. Silva punishes Diaz’s leg again with a kick. Diaz throws a slow spinning kick that misses. Silva follows up with another leg kick. Diaz starts taunting again.

Round 5: Silva lunges with a hook to begin the round. Diaz starts taunting again. Silva comes in with a stiff left, right. Silva pops in a couple more jabs. Diaz plants a hard left. Silva returns fire and backs off. Diaz comes in with a couple more shots that back Silva up. Silva plants an overhand left. Silva flurries in with a nice combo. Diaz wings a counter punch. Silva throws a flying knee and then a spinning kick that misses. Diaz is bleeding pretty badly now. Silva shoots in another jab. Diaz throws a kick but the fight comes to an end.

Silva gets awarded the unanimous decision and the legend breaks into tears.

Anderson Silva def. Nick Diaz by unanimous decision (49-46, 50-45, 50-45)