There’s no question that Nick Diaz’s road to his scrap this Saturday with Anderson Silva has been a windy, and yet, extremely captivating one. After all, it wasn’t that long ago really, when no one really knew if Diaz would ever fight again. Now, here he is, set to fight the sport’s greatest fighter ever. Who saw this coming  back in March, 2013, when Diaz was fresh off his decision loss to Georges St-Pierre?

Of course, Diaz has been tapped to fight Silva at UFC 183 because he’s one of the more talented and polarizing fighters in the game, and that means he sells tickets (and not wolf tickets at that…. ). Recently the 31 year-old fighter did an interview for UFC Magazine, and the promotion has posted the story on its official site.

The interview covers several issues, but when Diaz was asked to reflect on the early stages of his career, here is what the fighter had to say:

“I was happy after I fought my first fight. “Ok, I’m a fighter now!” I was happy after I got my black belt. I was happy after I became Strikeforce champion. I don’t need to become UFC champion to be all right. But if I’m going to make a living fighting, I’m not out there to just get kicked around. I can get by like a lot of people that live out here: They don’t need much, so why do I? I don’t. And fighting and martial arts has helped me understand that. I love it for that. I don’t love being a prizefighter, but I’ll do it for as long as I have to.”

If you’re wondering, Diaz’s first, official pro bout took place in 2001, and the Stockton fighter scored a first round, submission win. Diaz proceeded to go 7-2 before making it to the UFC in 2003. In his Octagon debut he tapped out Jeremy Jackson in the third round to win their trilogy series. In his next UFC bout, he KO’d Robbie Lawler in the second round. Chances are you’ve seen the highlights of that finish a zillion times, and you’ll probably see it at least one more time this weekend in the opening reel for UFC 183.

It will be interesting to see what Diaz elects to do, if he loses to Silva. Will he return to welterweight? Or take some time off? Will he hang up the gloves again? Now if he wins, well, one would think the UFC won’t have a problem booking him for another big fight.

UFC 183 will be hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, and the main card will be available via pay-per-view.