Chances are a lot of folks believe Anderson Silva’s vaunted striking game will be too much for Nick Diaz at UFC 183, even though the latter’s boxing pedigree is among the best in the sport. After all, not only is Silva much bigger than Diaz, but he’s also the sport’s consensus G.O.A.T (greatest of all time).

Now all that said, it remains to be seen how Silva will perform, considering he hasn’t fought since 2013 when he broke his leg versus Chris Weidman. Plenty of video clips have surfaced showing Silva sparring and doing some pad work, and according to Diaz’s kickboxing coach, he wasn’t impressed with what he saw.

If you don’t know, Diaz has brought in Joe Schilling to help him prepare for Silva, who is one of GLORY’s best middleweight kickboxers. Schilling recently spoke to Bloody about the upcoming fight, and while discussing Silva, here is some of what he had to say:

“They have all these videos coming out of Anderson in training, doing like jump knees and s–t, but I look at them and think he doesn’t look that good. He is moving like an old guy. He doesn’t have that fluidity that guys like me and Artem Levin have.”

Not only has Diaz been training with Schilling, but as the latter noted, Artem Levin also came in. If you’re not a big kickboxing fan you might not know that Levin is GLORY’s middleweight champ, and one of the best kickboxers on the planet, period.

“Artem came in and he’s just a different level. Nick’s not beating his ass but like I said to Nick, you don’t have to beat Artem Levin in a kickboxing match, you only need to beat the guy you are facing on fight night”, Schilling said. “So even though he was getting frustrated at times, he has learned a hell of a lot in this camp and I think that will show on fight night. He hurt Chidi checking one of his kicks the other day. He’s blocking kicks, he’s countering, he’s looking really good.”

Schilling also believes that Silva would get “wasted” in pro kickboxing competition, but conceded the former middleweight champ has good striking for MMA…Wow.

Of course, Silva fans could argue that Schilling is just doing his best to stir the pot here, or is biased towards his pal, but it’s an interesting interview nonetheless. We shall see how Diaz does soon enough.

UFC 183 will go down at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 31st.