It’s been a few days now since Anthony Johnson quickly took out Alexander Gustafsson at UFC on FOX 14, but the MMA world is still buzzing about “Rumble’s” performance.

One man who clearly was blown away by Johnson’s victory was UFC President Dana White, who was asked to comment on the bout, while appearing on The Jime Rome Show. According to a follow up report from MMA, here is some of what White had to say about Johnson’s latest victory:

“If you know anything about fighting, every time you move up, you lose a little bit of knockout power. It’s been the exact opposite for this guy. Him beating Alexander Gustafsson the way he did makes no sense whatsoever. This is a guy (Gustafsson) who went five hard rounds with Jon ‘Bones’. Many people believe he won that fight, and many people believe Jones won the fight. For [Johnson] to come out and knock out the guys in the 205-pound division that he is, it’s unbelievable and I am very excited for the fight with him and Jon Jones.”

Of course, anyone who has followed Johnson over the last year or so knew he had a decent shot at defeating Gustafsson. But, as White alluded to, not many people expected the bout to go down like it did.

Now fans and pundits will wait to see if Johnson can end Jones’ lengthy, lengthy reign, and if he can’t, it will be interesting to see what comes next for “Bones.” No official date has been set for Jones-Johnson, but White has reportedly said the promotion is looking at May.