Conor McGregor has repeatedly said he’ll take out Jose Aldo, but the man who has battled the featherweight champ on two occasions, doesn’t see it happening.

That man is Chad Mendes, who was KO’d by Aldo in 2012, and then was decisioned by the renowned fighter in their rematch this past October. Mendes is also one of several, top tier featherweights, who has relayed they would love to fight McGregor.

Well, Mendes recently appeared on Submission Radio to discuss his upcoming, April 4th bout with  fellow contender, Ricardo Lamas. Not surprisingly, Mendes was asked to weigh in on Aldo-McGregor, now that the fight is a go. McGregor secured a bout with the champ by stopping Dennis Siver at UFC Fight Night 59 earlier his month.

Here is some of what Mendes had to say, when he was asked if he believes McGregor can end the lengthy reign of Aldo (quote via Bloody

“Nah I don’t think so. I mean this is the thing, a lot of people forget that Aldo, you know he’s a black belt in Jiu Jitsu, but also we’ve seen him blast double guys. He can wrestle, he can take people down, he’s athletic enough to where he can adapt and do those kind of things. You get a guy like Conor where I think Aldo is going to be faster than him. We saw Conor get tripped a few times by Siver’s short little leg kicks. You know with Aldo’s speed and power, he’s going to chop those legs down and if for whatever reason he’s getting tagged up at all in the feet, I can see him blast double and taking this dude down and just staying on top of him. We’ve seen him do it in other fights with other elite strikers, so I think that’s always a possibility. I don’t think Conor’s going to beat Aldo. No.”

Now, it’s not too surprising to hear that Mendes is going with Aldo, since the latter has defeated him twice. But, the decorated wrestler’s take on how the fight might go down, is pretty interesting. As Mendes noted, Aldo can wrestle, and perhaps the champ will look to test McGregor’s ground game.

It’s going to be a fascinating bout, no question. There’s no official word on when Aldo-McGregor might take place, but if you missed it, recently the latter’s coach said the fight could go down in mid-summer.