Now that Dennis Siver is in the U.S. for fight week, we’re starting to hear a little bit more from the featherweight contender, as he gets set to battle Conor McGregor at UFC FN 59. If you’ve followed the lead up for Sunday’s card, then you know that the promos have been really, really heavy on the “Notorious” hype.

Well, in a recent story from MMA, Siver discussed the fact he’s been kind of left behind the scenes, and noted:

“I’ve kind of taken a back seat to the buildup to the fight,” Siver said. “But it’s OK because the more Conor talks, the more I get to train.”

That’s a good way to look at it, and certainly, one could argue McGregor has much more to lose at this point, since a title fight with champion Jose Aldo is on the line. While Siver likely won’t lock up a title fight if he upsets McGregor, the German fighter knows a victory will get him “a lot closer to one.”

Siver was also asked for his thoughts on McGregor, who as you may have heard, is predicting he’ll stop his opponent in under two minutes.

“He talks a lot more than anything, but I haven’t faced anything like him,” Siver said. “His fighting style is unorthodox. It’s different from everybody else, but it is what it is.”

It’s going to be fascinating to see if Siver can bring the McGregor hype train to a halt. While Siver is a sizeable underdog heading into Sunday’s bout, it is worth noting that the vet has gone 10-3 in his second stint with the UFC. Not a lot of dudes can say that.

UFC FN 59 will be hosted by Boston’s TD Garden Arena, and in the co-main event, Donald Cerrone will fight fellow, lightweight contender Benson Henderson.