Although CM Punk has a ways to go before he makes his UFC debut, it sounds like his training has  been going pretty well during the pro-wrestling star’s first days at Roufusport.

While nearly everyone under the MMA sun knows that Punk has signed to fight in the UFC, you may have missed that he has decided to train out of Roufusport in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Not only is the gym home to accomplished fighters like Anthony Pettis, Ben Askren, Dustin Ortiz, Erik Koch, and Sergio Pettis among others, but it’s led by one of the sport’s best striking coaches in Duke Roufus. CM Punk, or Phil Brooks, also lives in Chicago, so the Wisconsin gym is also not too far away from his home base.

Well, Punk has already begun training at the well know gym, and both he and Roufus were asked about his progress on the latest edition of “Inside MMA.” While discussing his early impression of Punk, Roufus stated:

“I think he’s very good, I think what’s the most impressive about the Punk is his attitude, his hunger, his work ethic, and the guy’s a sponge.”

Punk has done a fair bit of training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but he admits his stand-up game needs a lot of work. Thus, this was a big reason why Brooks elected to train at Roufusport, and it will be interesting to see what kind of reports we get in a few months.

Of course, Brooks was also asked about how things are going, and he relayed:

“I’ve just been trying to get acclimated to everybody and the team. Duke hasn’t thrown me to the wolves yet. I’m waiting for that. A lot of one on one stuff with him, and Daniel the jiu-jitsu coach, and I watch a lot. I think I stay longer than I probably should every single day. I like watching everybody spar and just watching everybody move. It’s been a very, moving and growing experience for me, but it’s been super educational and a lot of fun too.”

Punk also repeated that now decision has been made regarding what weight he’ll fight at, but he did note that he continues to shed the pounds, since he’s training regularly. Initially, Punk was fairly certain he’d fight at 185, since he was walking around at 220 several months back. The former WWE star won’t make his UFC debut until late 2015.