Not only has Jon Jones come under fire, following the news that he tested positive for cocaine metabolites heading into UFC 182, but some have been questioning why the promotion still went ahead with the bout. Well, according to UFC President Dana White, the light-heavyweight champ had “the right” to throw down with his rival Daniel Cormier, despite his drug test results.

White appeard on FOX Sports 1 on Wednesday to discuss the recent, headline grabbing news regarding Jones. White repeated the promotion’s support for Jones, and that their primary concern is that the star’s rehab goes well.

As we now know, the UFC was aware of Jones’ pre-fight, test results prior to Saturday’s massive fight. While many fans are likely happy the bout still went ahead, others have questioned why, or whether, the promotion could have pulled Jones from the bout. While discussing this very issue, here is what White reportedly had to say (comments via MMA

“What happened was, so they do these tests leading up to a fight, these random drug tests, and he tested positive,” White said. “No, (there was no talk of postponing the fight) because No. 1, he was healthy. No. 2, the reason you would stop a fight and the hammer would drop on a guy would be if he tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

“(Daniel Cormier) was not (informed of the failed test) because he didn’t need to be. If he tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs, everything would have got shut down. The other thing people have to understand about this situation is Jon Jones was contracted to fight. We have a contract with him. Everybody thinks that we can just say, ‘Hey, the fight’s off. The fight’s not happening.’ Damn right he had the right to fight.”

Cocaine metabolites are not listed as a banned, out of competition substance, which is why the Nevada Commission didn’t intervene either. So, now it remains to be seen whether the UFC enacts any kind of disciplinary action regarding Jones, and further, when the light-heavyweight champ will fight again. One would think, all things considered, that it may be a little while.

Hopefully Jones program goes well, however, and that we’ll get to see him back in the Octagon sooner than later.