UFC 182 is over, and not only does the Jon Jones Era continue, chances are the light-heavyweight champ has far, fewer doubters today.

Sure, Jon Jones didn’t blow Daniel Cormier out of the water last night, but the renowned fighter impressed by using his clinch game and grappling to outscore the world class wrestler. Cormier managed to land more than a few, telling shots of his own, but chances are, the bout won’t be remembered as Jones’ toughest test to date. Jones memorable war with Alexander Gustafsson,will likely remain as that.

Not surprisingly, UFC boss man Dana White was also extremely impressed with Jones’ performance, as he told FOX Sports 1 the following after the fight:

“If anyone still doubts and denies how good Jon Jones is, they’re crazy. He has so many weapons. How about the body shots he was throwing today? He’s still young. Jon Jones is on his way. He just beat an Olympian. Now, on to the winner of Rumble vs. Alexander Gustafsson.”

Yes indeed. Gustafsson-Johnson will go down on January 24th in Stockholm, Sweden.

UFC 182 went down at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.