UFC 182′s co-main event may not have the same amount of buzz as the headlining Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier, but Donald Cerrone-Myles Jury is a compelling and pivotal fight.

In Cerrone, you have one of the lightweight division’s most accomplished, dangerous and popular fighters, who has been in the title shot hunt for years. Jury, meanwhile, may not be a household MMA name just yet. but based off what he’s showcased thus far in the UFC, he probably should be.

Not only has Jury gone 15-0 to date, but since he joined the UFC in 2012, the Alliance MMA fighter has won six straight. During that time Jury has defeated established vets like Michael Johnson, Diego Sanchez, and Takanori Gomi. Jury needed only 92 seconds to take out the latter.

There’s no doubt that a win over Cerrone will likely catapult Jury into the division’s top five rankings, and raise his profile considerably, but one could question why he doesn’t have more hype tied to him already. Well, while speaking to MMA Fighting.com, recently, here is some of what the 26 year-old had to say, while discussing what a victory over Cerrone could do for his career. Particularly when you consider that some observers and fans haven’t really noticed Jury’s rise.

Because I’m not one to sell my soul by acting a fool to make more money? I’m not a sideshow, I’m Myles Jury. I only worry about being myself, what my team and I are doing, and where we’re going. All of my talking is done with results. If anyone wants to think I’m not “elite” because I don’t try to intimidate, trash talk, look down on people, be a UFC trashy mascot — or anything of the such like a lot of fools do — that’s fine. They can think that and it really doesn’t bother me a bit. I usually only click with respectful people anyway. I’ll just continue to take the high road and let my results speak for themselves.

That’s quite the interesting response no? And you have to wonder if Conor McGregor may have been in Jury’s thoughts when he made those statements.

While Jury has looked extremely impressive to date, he isn’t one for smack talk and making over the top claims. Of course, one could argue that perhaps Jury should be lighting up more mics with zingers, as doing so has been known to produce more cash (as Mr. “Notorious” understands).

All this aside, there’s no question that Jury’s recipe for success is panning out so far.

UFC 182 will go down at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The main card will be broadcast on pay-per-view.