Image Credit: MMA Weekly

If Brock Lesnar decides to give fighting another try, it looks as though the pro-wrestler will have at least two big promotions bidding for his services.

Yes, at a time when the UFC has been accused of using its market share and reach to diminish MMA’s free market, Bellator President, Scott Coker, has said the promotion has the resources to make a play for the sport’s biggest names.

While speaking to MMA recently, the former Strikeforce promoter stated: “There’s not going to be a fighter on the planet we can’t afford and have access to.”

Since Bellator is owned by the extremely well capitalized, Viacom, then clearly the means are there to make some big bids, if that’s the direction the company wants to go.

Speaking of big bids, in a more recent talk with the outlet,  Coker confirmed that Bellator has reached out to Lesnar. Negotiations aren’t ongoing, because Lesnar’s still signed with WWE, but the veteran promoter stated:

“There hasn’t been any serious dialogue,” Coker said. “But when the time comes to have serious dialogue, we’ll be right there.”

And, as anyone who has followed Lesnar’s MMA career knows, the massive heavyweight can move tickets in a hurry and is a big, big, pay-per-view draw. So, one would think bot the UFC and Bellator are going to take a run at signing the pro-wrestler, if he decides to fight again.

It should be noted that despite all the talk and speculation about Lesnar’s return, the former UFC champ has not actually said he wants to fight again.

Lesar announced he was done fighting, after he was quickly taken out by Alistair Overeem in December, 2011. The decorated, collegiate wrestler was returning from a lengthy battle with diverticulitis.