Phil “CM Punk” Brooks has yet to pick a gym for where the former, pro-wrestler can prepare for his UFC debut, but the legendary Bas Rutten has a few ideas.

Recently the former UFC champ, and popular commentator appeared on “Submission Radio”. When Rutten was asked for his take on where Brooks should train, the Dutchman relayed (quote via MMA

“But really, if I have to give him some advice, I say go to Holland. Forget America right now, go to Holland. Go to a gym like a Maeng Ho gym [with] really great strikers there, and start training with those guys. These guys are so good that they won’t beat you up in training. Because if you have a guy a little bit less technical, they will hit you by accident, they’ll knock you out by accident, they’ll hurt you by accident. Guys like that in Holland, it’s what they do. It’s one of their main sports in Holland; kickboxing, Thai boxing. So if you go there and just everyday you work on your striking — and don’t worry, they have great wrestlers there as well — but three times a week or four times a week you grapple, and then eight times a week you do solid striking. That’s what I would suggest for him.”

There’s no question Holland has produced some of the world’s top strikers, but Brooks has also said he wants to stay reasonably close to home, so one would think he’ll stay in the U.S.

Going to the Netherlands might also be a good way for Brooks to keep a lower profile though and just focus on training. Assuming, however, he’s not as big a deal over there as he is here in North America…

CM Punk is expected to make his UFC debut sometime in late 2015.