After Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier threw down at press conference earlier this year, the UFC was quick to condemn the incident and the actions of both men…But has that stopped the promotion from using footage of the now infamous incident, as well as the subsequent fallout, in promos for UFC 182? Of course not. Have the ads been good? Yes. Yes they have.

In addition to the brawl, one of the more compelling ‘disagreements’ Jones and Cormier have had, was when the two were arguing after an interview, when they didn’t think they were being recorded. As everyone and their dog now knows, Jones was captured saying he’d “kill” Cormier, if the latter in fact spit in his face, like he said he wanted to.

Well, the UFC has also elected to use footage of Jones relaying his threat (overreaction) in promos for the upcoming, January 3rd card, and clearly the light-heavyweight champ isn’t happy about it. Jones appeared on the latest “UFC Tonight“, and while discussing the ads, the champion stated (quote via FOX Sports 1 press release):

“At first I was a little offended that the UFC would post something like that. I don’t think it’s healthy for the general public to see the UFC champion say they’re going to kill someone. I don’t think it’s really in my best interest. But it’s in the UFC’s best interest. So I kind of had to swallow my pride. I said it.”

Yes, Jones most certainly did say it, and while the comment has only added further hype to the upcoming scrap, don’t be surprised if it also sent more fans “DC’s” way.

Cormier also appeared on the latest episode of “UFC Tonight”, and the decorated wrestler had this to say, while discussing “Bones”:

“This is what I’ve wanted for years, since I met Jon. When I met him in 2010, our first interaction was unpleasant. He insulted me, so he gave me material and I put his picture on the wall and I have been looking at it since then. I want to beat him in his prime. This has been a goal for four years.”

It’s certainly a great way to kick off 2015, and you have to wonder whether there would be this much buzz tied to the bout, if Jones and Cormier had ended up fighting in October. As the old saying goes, the best things in life are worth waiting for…