If you make your predictions based off what the betting lines say, then you won’t be picking CB Dollaway to defeat Lyoto Machida this Saturday at UFC FN 58.

Yes, although Dollaway has gone 4-1 in his last 5 scraps and has showcased some big improvements in his hands along the way (ask Cezar Ferreira), the middleweight is a big underdog heading into the scrap. Currently Machida is the favorite in the -600 to -700 range, while Dollaway is +400 to +450…

Not surprisingly, however, Dollaway is feeling pretty good about where his career’s been headed, as thanks to wins over the likes of Francis Carmont, Daniel Sarafian and Ferreira, he’s moved into the #10 ranking spot. If he can take out Machida, well, 2015 could be a huge year for the TUF vet.

While speaking to FOX Sports.com recently, here is some of what Dollaway had to say about his recent success, and what he hopes to achieve in Saturday’s headliner.

“It’s the kind of fight I wanted. I wanted to be in a five round fight. I wanted to be in there with a guy that’s going to get me into a title fight. I’ve suffered injuries in my career and I know how hard they are to come back from and I just feel like everything’s kind of lining up for me right now. It’s the best I’ve felt and the best I’ve been in my career,” Dollaway told FOX Sports.

“It’s time to take that step into a title fight. I believe a victory over Lyoto puts me right there.”

Now, since Machida is currently ranked #4, then in theory, Dollaway could be in the title shot mix if he can score a big win over the former light-heavyweight champ.

That said, the middleweight title picture is pretty hectic these days, as Belfort will challenge champion Chris Weidman on February 28th, and the winner of “Jacare” Souza-Yoel Romero is also right there.

Then of course, there’s Mr. Anderson Silva, who is set to face Nick Diaz on January 31st. If he takes out the renowned vet,  the former champ also could be tapped for a title shot.