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Matt Brown Offers to Fight CM Punk, “Right After” he Battles Tarec Saffiedine

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While Robbie Lawler recently invited CM Punk to come train with him at ATT, and has been generally supportive of the pro-wrestler’s UFC deal, clearly Matt Brown isn’t on the same page.

Since Phil “CM Punk” Brooks signed with the UFC, several fighters have criticized the signing and have offered to fight the former WWE star. Well, Brown recently appeared on the “Great MMA Debate” podcast, and the punishing welterweight took the anti-Punk signing rhetoric up a notch. Here is some of what Brown had to say on the matter (quotes via MMA

“I thought the sport, the UFC, itself, was beyond that now,” Brown said. “Bellator doing this, I could understand. I could see other organizations doing it. The UFC, I just didn’t expect it.”

“I don’t have a problem with the UFC doing it,” Brown added, after he reportedly conceded that the signing will draw fans to UFC cards. “What I have a problem with is CM Punk being dumb enough to think he can do it. If he wants to come fight a real man I’ll be standing there. I’ll fight Tarec Saffiedine on [Feb. 14] and I’m the main event, everyone will be gone. I’ll fight him right after Tarec if he wants.”

How about that? Brown’s point regarding Bellator is an interesting one, as he’s right, in that perhaps the signing wouldn’t have been so polarizing, if Brooks had been picked up by a UFC competitor, rather than the world’s biggest MMA organization.

But, one could argue, this is precisely why the UFC did bring Punk on board. Bellator has been pulling strong ratings for SPIKE, and if Brooks had signed with the Viacom owned promotion, then that many more fans would start realizing there’s more to MMA than just the UFC.

CM Punk aside, if you don’t have Brown-Saffiedine down on your ‘must see’ list, you should change that now (or when you get some spare time…). Saffiedine may have been taken out by Rory MacDonald last time out, but his striking pedigree should make for an outstanding fight, when he battles “The Immortal”, February 14th.

That card will be hosted by the 1ST Bank Center in Broomfield, Colorado.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    CM Punk’s response is good:

    ‘Well, thanks for calling me an athlete, Matt. I appreciate it.

    You know, I’m not sure I have a response for Matt. I’m a fan of Matt, I like watching… One of my favorite fights last year was Matt Brown vs. Erick Silva. I thought that was awesome. Matt Brown’s an awesome fighter and I’m still going to continue to love watching him fight. But, everybody has an opinion, whether it’s positive or negative. And the negative ones, while I understand their perspective, I understand where he’s coming from, and I can honestly, probably relate to that, and the irony of it isn’t lost on me. Yes, I’m coming into this new thing, and there’s probably a lot of fighters that are, you know, I don’t want to say… Well, they’re just upset. And I can understand that, and more power to you. I understand your point of view. My job is to do what’s good for me and my family and along the way, if I change your mind, Matt Brown, awesome.’

  • hindsightufuk says:

    Phil’s response is the antithesis to what people want and expect to hear from a professional wrestler.
    No grand standing, no Brock Lesnar ramblings about be the best, no inflated ego etc. Humble so far, good for him. Makes me more inclined to watch the fight unbiased and not hope he get’s tooled by whomever he faces


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