After returning to action  for the first time in nearly two years, and quickly bombing out Anthony Hamilton, Todd Duffee wants to make up for lost time by fighting a top ranked, heavyweight next.

Duffee needed just over 30 seconds to put away Hamilton at UFC 181 earlier this month, which marked the first time he had fought since 2012. Following his win over Philip De Fries at UFC 155, Duffee was diagnosed with Parsonage Turner Syndrome, and the 29 year-old fighter was forced to the sidelines.

Well, having demonstrated that cage rust, in his case, isn’t a thing, Duffee sounds anxious to work his way up the heavyweight ranks. While talking to MMA Radio recently about his next bout,here is some of what the explosive fighter had to say (quote via MMA

“I’m not going to pick my fight at this point because I just came back; it’s been two years,” Duffee said. “I’d definitely run that fight back (with Overeem), but I also wouldn’t question Matt (Mitrione). He’s a little higher up in the rankings right now. Anyone of those guys that are above me in the rankings, I’ll be very happy to fight.”

Duffee squared off with Overeem under the DREAM banner back in 2012, but was quickly stopped by the feared striker. As you probably know, Overeem just returned to the winning circle at UFC on FOX 13, by knocking out Stefan Struve.

Mitrione, meanwhile, was also in action on Saturday, and he put away Gabriel Gonzaga in the first round. From a stylistic point of view, both Overeem-Duffee II and Mitrione-Duffee could be outstanding fights, since all of said heavyweights are noted finishers.

But, and here’s the but, would the #11 ranked Overeem and the #12 positioned Mitrione want to fight a guy who isn’t ranked in the top 15? Both have said they’re looking to move up the ranks as well, and while defeating Duffee would be an impressive addition to their resumes, it probably wouldn’t do much for them rankings wise.

Of course, due to the new uniform deal, a fighter’s ranking has more financial implications than ever, and Duffee relayed that he’s hoping to defeat some established names, and cash in at the same time.

What about Struve-Duffee? Could be pretty good no?