UFC bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw only sees dollar signs each time Dominick Cruz opens his mouth and spews venom about Team Alpha Male.

While nothing has been announced, Dillashaw is expected to defend his title against the former champion in 2015. He recently talked about Cruz during an appearance on Submission Radio.

“You know me and Dominick Cruz have always had a respectful relationship. Him and Urijah (Faber) have had words and don’t like each other and that’s what it all comes down to. It’s him just kinda putting it back in Urijah’s face, that he’s out there winning and looking good, and it’s nothing but good for me because of the fact that it’s going to sell fights,” Dillashaw said. “He’s going to talk all this crap and be as confident as he wants to be, but really it’s just going to make it harder on himself when he loses. it’s gonna put more pressure on him when he steps in the octagon to against me. It’s going to do nothing but drive the numbers up and it’s going to be a great fight. I never talked to anybody that wasn’t excited about this fight. Like I said, it’s just selling it big time.”

Dillashaw earned his first title defense by finishing Joe Soto earlier this year, which came on the heels of his fifth-round stoppage win over then-champion Renan Barao. Cruz, meanwhile, returned after a two-year layoff and quickly moved into title contention by stopping Takeya Mizugaki.

The alum of The Ultimate Fighter believes there is one stark difference between his fighting style and that of “The Dominator.”

“I knock people out, you know I finish fights, I’m aggressive, I’m coming at you. There’s never one point in time you can let your guard down; ’cause if you do, you’re going to get knocked out. And Dominick Cruz, he’s a lot less dangerous, he doesn’t have the power behind his punches because he doesn’t settle his feet. You know he’s always dipping out of the way, and throwing his punches, and when you’re doing that, you can’t deliver any power behind your punches. Yeah sure it’s flashy and you score a lot points, yeah. But I can do the exact same thing but then bring some power with it and be a little bit lethal and dangerous,” he said. “I think my combo’s are more technical, I stay a little bit tighter than he does, and I feel like my grappling is a whole lot better than him. He uses anti-jiu-jitsu. He uses takedowns to score points, and I’m trying to take you down and finish you. I’m going to stay on top of him and leach on to him, and I just feel I’m a whole lot more dangerous than him in every aspect in MMA.”