Although some fighters weren’t exactly thrilled with the UF’s signing of Phil “CM Punk” Brooks, and many have questioned his place in the world’s biggest MMA promotion, Robbie Lawler is reaching out to the pro-wrestler.

Not long after the UFC announced Punk’s signing, Lawler invited the former WWE star to train at American Top Team, and in the latest edition of “The MMA Hour”, he repeated it. While discussing Brooks’ transition into fighting and his new deal, the welterweight champ stated (quote via MMA

“Obviously CM Punk is a really big draw for the UFC,” Lawler said. “He’s going to bring a lot of eyes to the UFC, and the better he does the better it’ll be for all MMA fighter as far as sponsorships and stuff. I just think if he comes down to American Top Team he can prove a lot of people wrong. Obviously he’s an athlete, now we just have to figure out if he can fight, and I think that American Top Team will be a good fit for him.”

Other fighters have also invited Brooks to their camp, but so far, the latter hasn’t made any commitments. Anyone who follows the sport intently, knows that ATT is right up there in terms of world class gyms, and Punk could certainly benefit from training there full time. Since he’s expected to make his debut sometime in mid 2015, Brooks is going to have to put in a ton of training, and do it where he can get top tier instruction and sparring.

It should also be noted that several competitors have also offered to fight Punk as well, and not because they want to make him look good in his Octagon debut…Lawler, however, clearly believes in what the UFC has decided to do.

“I think it’ll be good,” Lawler said. “I think the UFC’s done a great job of building the brand… It was very calculated, but I think that they’re continuing to build a better UFC.”

Brooks has yet to decided what weight he’ll compete at, but he believes it will likely be 185, although he hasn’t ruled out 170.

As far as Lawler goes, the UFC has yet to announce what they intend to do next with the newly crowned, welterweight champ, but so far, it looks like Lawler-Hendricks III could be a go.

Lawler worked his way to a split decision win over Hendricks earlier this month, and avenged his UD loss to the former champ in March.