Junior dos Santos may have taken another step forward in his quest to regain the heavyweight title at UFC on FOX 13, but concerns are being expressed as to how much punishment he took during his win over Stipe Miocic.

JDS emerged with a tightly contested, unanimous decision win on Saturday night, but the former champ was brutally battered, bruised and bloodied during the fight (Miocic didn’t look so great after the bout either). A big reason why folks have been talking about all the damage the 30 year-old took, is because dos Santos was also a bloody mess after he was stopped by Cain Velasquez last October.

Dos Santos was asked about the punishment he’s absorbed, following Saturday’s card, and here is some of what the Brazilian star had to say (quote via Sherdog.com):

 “I can go a very long [time], man. I really believe I’m gonna have a long career,” dos Santos said. “It doesn’t matter too much. It’s part of the [game]. I get swollen very easy. It happens. I’m feeling OK, just swollen.”

Now sure, dos Santos supporters and others might argue that this is all much ado about nothing, since the fighter’s only been stopped once his career to date. Further, “Cigano” is only 30, so there’s no reason for a ton of concern just yet.

But, considering what we’re learning about the long term effects of head trauma, there is cause for concern moving forward, if dos Santos can’t change things up and reduce how many times he’s getting hit.

One things for sure, dos Santos showed a ton of heart (and his outstanding chin) in the headliner, as he had given up the first two rounds and appeared to be en route to a loss. In round three, however, JDS rocked Miocic with a hook, and went on to earn the memorable victory. Dos Santos also had this to say about the fight:

“I think I was doing OK, but yeah, he did great in the first two rounds,” dos Santos said. “He’s a really tough opponent [and] came very well prepared for this fight. I believe I can win any fight. It doesn’t matter what happens during the fight, I will keep believing until the end of the fight.”

So, now it will be interesting to see who the UFC matches dos Santos up against next. The fighter is currently sitting in the heavyweight division’s #2 ranking.

UFC on FOX 13 was hosted by the U.S. Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona.