Frankie Edgar certainly did what  he set out to do against Cub Swanson last month, but although he stormed his way through the featherweight contender, it sounds like he’s not very optimistic about his title shot prospects.

Of course, the hurdle in Edgar’s path to a rematch with champion Jose Aldo, is the man named Conor McGregor. The brash featherweight has continued to make headlines as he’s worked his way up the rankings, and if he gets by Dennis Siver on January 18th, most folks believe he’ll be tapped for a title shot.

Following Edgar’s win over Swanson he said he would campaign for a title shot, but based off what he told MMA recently, clearly he’s not holding his breath.

When asked if he thinks “Notorious” should challenge Aldo next, provided he defeats Siver, Edgar relayed (quote via Mixed Martial

“I feel like he’s done a good job to put himself in there with his talk and everything else,” said Edgar. “I don’t know if he’s deserving to get that title shot right away. But he’s doing the right things as far as it goes with the media.”

That’s a sentiment that many fighters and fans seem to share, although not everyone has been so diplomatic about sharing that view….Then, when Edgar was asked if he’d be interesting in meeting McGregor in a title shot eliminator, the former lightweight champ said:

“I’d be game for that. But I don’t think the UFC would want that. No … I think they give him the title shot before they give it to me.”

Yes, due to the hype McGregor currently has behind him, it would be extremely surprising if the UFC doesn’t book him to face Aldo, if he defeats Siver. Sure, they might hold off if he barely gets by the #8 contender, but the consensus seems to be that McGregor will cruise to a victory…(which should only motivate Mr. Siver even more)

Although Aldo has won three in a row, and has looked extremely impressive while doing so, the big problem is that he was decisioned by Aldo just last February. It took Chad Mendes well over two years to lock up  a rematch with the renowned champ.

McGregor-Siver will headline UFC Fight Night 59, which will go down at the TD Garden in Boston on January 18th.