The UFC has inked pro-wrestler Phil “CM Punk” Brooks to a contract, but it still remains to be seen if fellow, WWE star, Brock Lesnar returns to the Octagon in 2015.

Although the former heavyweight champ hasn’t made any comments that would point to his UFC return, there continues to be a ton of speculation and talk as to whether Lesnar might come back.

Case in point, MMA’s Ariel Helwani recently spoke with Alistair Overeem, who sent Lesnar back to pro-wrestling in 2011, after he took out the decorated wrestler at UFC 141. The “Reem” has called on Lesnar to return to the UFC in the past, and has expressed an interest in fighting the heavyweight again.

When Overeem was asked to weigh-in on whether he believes Lesnar could indeed, return to fighting, the Dutchman said:

“I joked about it, got a lot of criticism about it, blah, blah, blah, I can kind of see a little bit of it happening. At this point, people are talking about his return, and I’m actually going to retract my words and I’m going to say he’s not coming back.”

“He’s not going to come back. There’s a couple of reasons, but reason number one, he’s going to get his ass kicked. He ain’t going nowhere. He’s staying in WWE.”

Whoa. Mr. Lesnar? Any response?

Of course, the reason there’s been more talk regarding Lesnar as of late, is because it’s believed his current WWE deal will end in early 2015. Lesnar battled diverticulitis before he faced Overeem in 2011, and following the loss, he said his MMA career was done.

Since then, however, there have been rumors that Lesnar has expressed an interest in fighting again, as his health issues are apparently behind him.

Lesnar aside, Overeem must focus on the task at hand, and that’s Stefan Struve, who he will battle tomorrow night at UFC on FOX 13.