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Urijah Faber Weighs in on CM Punk’s UFC Deal

CM Punk

Clearly some fighters aren’t exactly thrilled to see that the UFC’s signed pro-wrestling star, CM Punk to a deal, (Cody Gibson referred to it as a “f—ing joke” afterall), but apparently Urijah Faber is on board.

Unless you’ve been giving the internet the silent treatment, then chances are you know by now that the UFC has signed Phil “CM Punk” Brooks to a deal. Yes, despite the fact he’s never fought in a pro, MMA fight before.

Faber was asked for his thoughts on the Brook’s pending, UFC arrival, and the renowned bantamweight relayed (quotes via MMA

“So if this guy believes that he can get in here and fight, and he’s willing to put in some work, who’s to tell him he’s not the baddest dude in the planet? We’ll see.

“I’ve had a lot of younger fighters who are on my team who have gone out and gotten losses and have felt embarrassed, and this is the most exposed you’ll ever be in any sport. You’re going to fight a one-on-one fight in front of millions of people, so props to the guy for wanting to put his best foot forward, and we’ll see. Maybe he’s going to be the champ.”

Sure, no one really expects a guy who is 36, and who has never fought, to go on and win a UFC championship, but a tee-un of people will tune in to see if he can.

Brooks also relayed in the post fight presser that he believes he’ll fight at middleweight, but that he will explore the possibility of cutting to welterweight.

The pro-wrestling star is expected to make his Octagon debut in mid 2015.

Faber, meanwhile, scored a somewhat controversial, submission win over Francisco Rivera at UFC 181. The fight ending choke came after Faber accidentally poked Rivera in the eye.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I personally cannot wait to see him in the UFC. I have read that he has been training with the Gracie team for quite a while now and been in many of there breakdown videos. Hope he does well for himself.

  • Dufresne says:

    I’m really curious about how they’re going to do this. Are they going to throw him in with a big name and try and cash out on one big fight? Or are they going to bring in some less experienced fighters and try and bring him along slowly? They don’t have a ton of time with him already being 36, but I can’t see them wanting to waste a probable huge PPV draw on just one or two fights. As long as they don’t make him the main or co-main event, I’m fine with bringing in the occasional “fun fight”. I guess I’m getting old, because five years ago I would have been pissed by the UFC doing “freak show” fights. Screw it, sign the green power ranger, I’d pay to see that.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I will pay to see him fight whoever the UFC puts out there, from his comments though I think it could be up until summer before we see the fight.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Dana says that he’s going to try to find someone who’s even with Punk in experience. And fan he has been training at gracie jiujitsu for a while, he use to come out wearing their hoodies on WWE.

    I know a lot of hardcore MMA fans are super pissed about this saying it’s stupid, but I don’t think its that bad, for one it’s about the money, he will bring more new eyes to the sport then Brock did (even if someone got into a massive argument with me on twitter over that) and he’s going about it the right way, he’s not saying he can destroy everyone, its just something he’s been interested in and he’s taking his time. He’s going to do a test cut on his own to see if he can get to 185, then he’s going to hire a nutritionist and see if he can get to 170.

    I personally think he should fight at 170, 185 might be more natural, but a lot of those fighters are former LHW’s and are going to be a lot taller then him.


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