Although Phil “CM Punk” Brooks has been training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and said the martial art is his base following UFC 181, Ralek Gracie doesn’t believe the pro-wrestler would last very long against top level grapplers.

As anyone blessed with electricity now knows, the UFC announced this weekend that Brooks has signed a multi-fight deal with the promotion, and is expected to make his debut next yext. Not much is known about CM Punk’s fighting pedigree, other than the fact he’s extremely athletic and has been doing some BJJ training with Rener Gracie.

Well, in a follow up report from Bloody, they reached out to Metamoris founder Ralek Gracie, to get his taken on how Brooks might do if he competed in the grappling event.

“CM has a huge fan base but I’m not aware of any top level grappling creds that he has. I’d be open to talking about it but he would have to show us that he would be able to hang with our guys. To be honest I don’t see him lasting more than a couple minutes against any of them.”

Now sure, some will point out that Brooks is set to compete in MMA, not a straight grappling competition, but Gracie does make an interesting point in terms of his “grappling creds.”

All this aside, a  tee-un of folks will likely tune in next year to see whether CM Punk can prove the doubters wrong.