Okay, sure, fight fans who aren’t down with ‘pro rasslin’ likely haven’t stopped rolling their eyes from the above headline, but even they can’t deny that CM Punk has a pretty, pretty, big fan base (yes, if they’re even aware of who he is).

The wrestling star, who is apparently on the outs with the WWE, has trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for a while, and is a self admitted fan of MMA. So, considering what Brock Lesnar did for the UFC, and the promotion’s bank account, would Dana White consider bringing in CM Punk?

Well, recently the UFC boss man was approached by TMZ Sports with that question, and White responded with this (quote via MMA Fighting.com):

“He is a big fan,” White said. “I like him very much. He’s a great dude. I don’t know if he can fight or anything like that, but sure. I wouldn’t mind talking to CM Punk.”

Now does this mean Reebok should start prepping a UFC uniform for CM Punk? Um, nope. Even if the latter wanted to transition into MMA, chances are he would have to take some bouts in the ‘minor leagues’, before the UFC would seriously consider booking him. Then again, money talks, and a MMA promotion could make some serious cash with CM Punk.

Of course, comparisons are always made between what happened with Brock Lesnar and the UFC to CM Punk, but Lesnar was a decorated, collegiate wrestler and had already fought in MMA. White was also asked about the former heavyweight champ by TMZ, and he stated:

“I have a great relationship with Brock,” White said. “He’s with the WWE doing his thing. If and when his deal is up with them and he wants to fight, I’m sure he’ll call me.”

If you want to put some money down on a WWE star fighting in the Octagon, say in the next year, betting it on Lesnar is a much safer way to go.