UFC Fight Night 57 is underway in Austin, Texas, with a preliminary card that will feature vets like Yves Edwards, Nick Hein, and James Vick among others.

Tonight’s main event will feature a featherweight bout between contenders Cub Swanson and Frankie Edgar.

Now let’s take a look at the action…

Yves Edwards vs. Akbarh Arreola 

Arreola throws some hard shots to start the fight. A few moments later, Arreola sends Edwards to the canvas with a right hook, but the veteran gets back up. Arreola sweeps Edwards to the ground, moves into mount, and ends the fight with a quick armbar. Wow. What a performance for Arreola!

Akbarh Arreola def. Yves Edwards via submission (armbar) R1, 1:52

Nick Hein vs. James Vick

Vicks launches a few kicks to begin the fight but none of them land. Hein is having trouble getting close enough to the rangy Vick, but then BAM, he floors the latter. Hein is working from sidemount but Vick sweeps out and takes top position. The lightweights get back to their feet. Vick continues to launch kicks, but once again, Hein sends him to the canvas with a counter shot. Vick works his way back to this feet. Round ends.

Round 2: Vick hasn’t abandoned throwing kicks and Hein’s left forearm has got to be pretty, pretty sore. Hein is doing a good job of countering but eats a hard right. Hein is cut above his left eye. The latter flurries but doesn’t connect with anything. Vick misses with a couple of more kicks but plants a follow up punch. Hein attempts a spinning back fist before the round ends.

Round 3: Hein is pushing forward. The German lands another stiff left. Vick remains light on his feet; is throwing a shot and then moving away. Vick plants a hard right hand and is keeping busy with the jab. Hein is still hunting for the big bomb. Vick makes Hein take a step back with a cracking straight right. Hein is still moving forward but can’t land the massive shot he’s looking for. Final bell sounds.

One judge gave all three rounds to Vick, despite the fact he was dropped twice in the opening round…

James Vick def. Nick Hein via unanimous decision (30-27,  29-28, 29-28)

Luke Barnatt vs. Roger Narvaez

Narvarez attempts a body kick early but slips to the mat. Narvaez gets back up, plants a right hook, but takes a foot to the cup. Action resumes. Barnatt is staying light on his feet. The latter throws out a spinning kick that misses. Narvaez blasts in and lands a right, follows up with another flurry. Barnett punishes Narvaez with a body kick. Both middleweights pick up the pace. Barnatt snaps the head of Narvaez back with a right hand. Barnatt attempts a spinning back fist, and in the ensuing scramble, attempts a trip. Round ends.

Round 2: Narvarez throws a high kick to begin the round. Both men are moving a lot but not much is landing. Narvaez blasts in for a double leg but can’t get Barnatt down. The latter cuts Narvaez open with a counter right. Barnatt is the aggressor and Narvaez appears content to play the role of counter puncher. Barnatt chucks a couple of hard shots, lands a big uppercut, before the round ends.

Round 3: Narvaez tosses some hard punches to begin the final frame. The middleweight stuns Barnatt with a thumping head kick. Barnatt falls to the mat and Narvarez swarms in for the finish. Barnatt is taking some big time blows. Narvaez moves to Barnatt’s back, attempts a rear-naked-choke, but Barnatt defends. Narvaez hits the repeat cycle; can’t get it. Barnett gets back to guard. The latter eventually gets his way back to his feet. Final buzzer sounds. Great round.

Roger Narvaez def. Luke Barnatt via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Josh Copeland vs. Ruslan Magomedov 

Magomedov throws the first couple of strikes and they’re kicks. Copeland counters a knee from Magomedov with a left. Magomedov sends Copeland back a few steps with a thumping right hand. Copeland seems okay. Latter pushes Magomedov back with a nice flurry. Magomedov sends Copeland briefly to the mat with a counter shot. Copeland continues to move forward but is beginning to wear the affects of Magomedov’s strikes. The Dagestan heavyweight punishes Copeland’s legs with a couple of kicks, then wings a spinning back kick that misses. Round ends.

Round two: Copeland is still moving forward but Magomedov is countering well. Copeland plants a couple of good shots. The American feints, lands a nice overhand right, but Magomedov counters again. Copeland blasts in again, lands a left, but takes a series of hard kicks, from various angles.  Copeland is hurt and bloodied, but fires back. This is getting good. Action slows. Round ends. Magomedov has quite the kicking arsenal…

Round three: Copeland absorbs a thumping kick to the body and tosses a huge overhand right that misses. Magomedov finds a home for another painful looking body kick. The Dagestan heavyweight plants a Superman Punch; very nice. Copeland keeps coming though, charges in and lands a left. The two are clinched up against the fence. Ref separates them. Once again, Copeland blasts in but can’t land that big shot. Magomedov lands a few punches, and then ducks under Copeland as he charges in, and takes him down. Fight ends.

Ruslan Magomedov def. Josh Copeland via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)