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Kennedy Takes Issue With NAC’s Appeal Process

yoel romero

Tim Kennedy is a fighting man. Always has been, always will be.

While Kennedy is currently recovering from surgery, he talked with Submission Radio about his most recent fight – a controversial loss to Yoel Romero.

Kennedy appeared to have the fight in hand, but Romero survived a late second round flurry. He came out in the third and finished Kennedy, but only after being given extra time to recover between rounds due to excess vaseline on his body.

Now that it’s been two-plus months, has Kennedy gotten over the whole ordeal? Not a chance.

“Nah I’m still pissed off, you know. At the sport, at the ref, but most importantly at myself. You know I made a huge mental error in that fight. I thought the fight was over a few different times. I thought I knocked him out when John (McCarthy) pulled me off him. And then after I knocked him out I’m sitting there on the stool, trying to figure out what’s going on. You know my corner’s celebrating, the fans are celebrating, I’m like ‘yeah it’s done, cool,'” Kennedy said. “I’m watching him telling John and his corner ‘no mas, no mas’ you know like ‘I’m done, no more, no more.’ And then me standing up when the bell sounds and walking over there and John telling me ‘Nope it’s done. Go back to your corner.’ So again I start celebrating. I’m like ‘whoa, yeah’ and then I turn around and we’re supposed to be fighting. You know, I had left the ring before that third round and I had left the ring when the third round didn’t start. When I was supposed to win. Which is a big error on my part. I should have stayed in there – evidently – obviously till I guess, I don’t know when.

“So I’m really disappointed at the sport, I’m really disappointed in John, I’m really disappointed in myself. So I’m gonna keep hunting. You know I got five more weeks of hunting season. I’m still training. I’m still doing two or three workouts a day when I’m not up in the mountains, but I’m not there yet.”

The loss snapped a four-fight win streak for Kennedy (18-5), and was his first defeat inside the Octagon. He had picked up wins over Roger Gracie, Rafael Natal and Michael Bisping upon coming over from Strikeforce in 2013.

Along with disappointment in himself over the Romero fight, Kennedy also voiced his displeasure with the Nevada Athletic Commission.

  • Dufresne says:

    Kennedy does come across as a whiner sometimes, but I honestly think he’s in the right here. Not only was it a bad call by Big John, who is normally one of the best, but it’s pretty ridiculous that the commission will admit that there were mistakes and then refuse to take a proactive approach to setting things right. Even if they decide to let Romero keep the win on his record, that should at least be turned into a no contest for Kennedy. And it’s not like that would be the first time they’ve done that, they did it for Hunt and Bigfoot about a year ago.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    I agree with you Dufresne, it just wasn’t right he way things went down. And this is one time when a rematch would be justified, we get so many pointless, inane rematches in MMA, why not get one done that makes sense? Especially as it doesn’t look like this is going to become a NC for either guy

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I feel the same way. Yoel was done in that fight, Big John should have done the right thing the secone the time was up between rounds and told him get up or it is over, then called the fight. You cannot just hang out and do your own thing in a fight, and Yoel couldnt answer the bell so he loses, end of story except for the fact that Big John let it go.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    yep, refs interpretation was what caused the outcome.
    Really we should be here discussing whether Big John was right to wave off the fight because this article is about how Yoel Romero is complaining about the loss

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Off TOPIC: but this is an active thread.

    Guess the UFC isn’t doing so hot this yr


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