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Mark Hunt Willing To Lose Arm To Make Weight

ufc 180

Mark Hunt has the opportunity of a lifetime next Saturday night when he steps foot inside the Octagon to meet Fabricio Werdum for the interim UFC heavyweight title.

The two will collide in the main event of UFC 180 from Mexico, and Hunt has gotten himself situated in the country for the past several days to prepare for battle.

After finishing Roy Nelson earlier this year, officials tabbed “The Super Samoan” to replace Cain Velasquez in the headline bout. He strung together a four-fight win streak from 2011-13 before falling to Junior dos Santos and scoring a draw with Antonio Silva.

Now, matched up with Werdum, Hunt told Submission Radio out of Australia recently that he has the exact answer to Werdum’s excellent ground game.

“Everyone’s a world-class ground fighter until they get a punch in the face,” he said. “That’s hod I deal with all these ground fighters. I hit’em in the head and there goes your (expletive) black belt.

“His game will be to push the pace and try to get me tired, to try and shoot the takedown, so I’m on the ground. If he tries to stand and bang, then good for me. If he doesn’t then he’s gotta work his game plan.”

Prior to the Nelson bout, rumors were circulating that Hunt would not make the heavyweight limit to weigh-in. He says there will be no issues with that this time around, as reason for his decision to get to Mexico early.

“I’ve got no excuse about not making weight,” he said. “Even 10-and-a-half kilos. I gotta talk to (UFC president) Dana (White) about a few things, but if you can’t make weight, don’t take the fight. We’ll just chew an arm off. I’ve got a lot of weight on me I can lose.

“I’m making weight so there’s no problem.”

He expanded on the weight-cut surrounding the Nelson bout, stating it was “my third weight cut ever. I’m just starting to get used to how this all works.

“I’m a fat guy with a lot of fat on me, so it’s easy for me to lose it,” he added. “I’m getting used to these things. I know how far I’m at and what I can cut, so I think the media exaggerates a bit about certain things.”

After going from almost being out of the UFC to a title shot, Hunt isn’t surprised by his string of excellent performances. He holds just an overall record of 10-8-1, but is 5-1-1 in his last seven.

“Well it’s no surprise to me. Like I said before, I always felt like I was the best fighter on the planet and I think this is just another example of what I’m saying is right,” he said. “This is for the No. 1 spot to fight the champ. I mean I do feel Fabricio Werdum would be upset about it, and I would be upset about it too if I had my shot at the world champ and then had to step back to fight someone else. It’s my opportunity regardless, and hey, I’m taking my opportunity and that’s it. That’s all I’m interested in doing.”

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Because Werdum hasn’t fought any high class strikers before right? There was one guy..I’m having difficulty with his name.. something Emelianenko, I want to say the first name was Fedor…

    “That’s hod I deal with all these ground fighters.” I really hope that’s not what he said.

    Also I wonder what this thing is he needs to talk to Dana about, it kind of sounds like nothing to do with weight-cutting and more his opinions on how he’s treated. Leading up to the Big Country fight there was word that he was unhappy, especially when he claimed he was fired, then said he was hacked or drunk I can’t remember which.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Also off topic but Anthony “rumble’ Johnson’s civil case of beating up his woman was dismissed, so Dana released a statement on twitter saying he’s ok to resume fighting.

  • Dufresne says:

    I wonder how much of this case being dropped and how much of Thiago Silva’s case being dropped had to do with under the table dealing. I’m a big UFC fan, hell I went to Vegas and actually was fortunate enough to spend an evening with Dana, but it seems pretty coincidental that two people with potential cases against UFC fighters have dismissed cases or just stopped cooperating with police so suddenly.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Not just that, but both of them have prior issues with the same person who filed the case before hand. Silva was arrested for assaulting his exwife before, and Rumble was arrested for breaking into his at the time gf’s house, then punching her, then stealing her panties.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Dana doesn’t have nearly as much power as you guys might be giving him credit for. When Jeremy Stephens landed in hot water for (at the very least) being at the scene of a dude getting severely beaten outside a bar, Dana tried to flex the UFC muscles to get him out of jail in time to fight that weekend… which ended up as a failed attempt that was both sad & hilarious.

    With Thiago Silva, his wife literally fled the country to get away from the man. Nothing the judicial system can do at that point. Dana is not some mob boss orchestrating such circumstances… he’s just a chameleon promoter that was willing to let Thiago back into the UFC once he had the convenient case dismissal to fall back on. At least until the video surfaced, at which point the UFC had to once again reverse course… yet again both sad & hilarious.

    With Rumble, it’s more flip flopping. I can’t pretend to know the exact circumstances, but in general it’s no secret how domestic abuse typically plays out. Victim eventually calls out for help, only to turn around and protect her abuser, for complicated psychological reasons (intimidation, dependency, etc.)… after the dust settles on being beaten bloody, a woman realizes her own testimony & cooperation could put the father of her children behind bars, cutting off her financial support, and for some reason that doesn’t seem like such an attractive path to take. Sad and this time not at all hilarious.

    Anyway, Dana is just a chameleon promoter that will continue to do and say whatever helps the UFC’s bottom line.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    As for the topic of the article, Hunt has almost zero chance again Werdum. I still have no idea how Hunt rebounded from losing 6 straight fights (5 via submission) from 2006-2010… it was a helluva run that featured some very exciting & impressive performances… but unfortunately for Hunt his run of facing fellow strikers who will stand and bang comes to end, and Werdum should wrap things up with a submission in the 1st round.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Except that for awhile there’s been comments, hints, and ties to the Fertitta’s/Zuffa having mob ties in Vegas with their casinos. Not saying it’s true, just saying the rumor/speculation has been there for awhile, and if it is true then what Dufresne suggested isn’t outside the realm of possibility.


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