If Matt Brown has his way, he’ll be the one to welcome Georges St-Pierre back to the UFC – if “Rush” decides to do that.

St-Pierre retired in late 2013, citing a need to move away from the sport for a period of time. He suffered a knee injury earlier this year, but recently returned to training. Along the way, the former UFC welterweight champion appeared in the latest “Captain America” movie and has discussed the need for more drug testing in MMA.

Brown is coming off a loss to Robbie Lawler that kept him from becoming the No. 1 contender. His seven-fight win streak was also snapped at that time.

“I’d love to have that fight,” said Brown, in an interview with FOX Sports. “I always thought I matched up well with him. I think I am in the right position for it. I’m not the champion, he’s not going to come back and get the championship fight right off the bat. I’m in the right position.”

UFC president Dana White disagrees with Brown, as he has previously stated GSP would be rushed right back into a title-fight, if he elected to do that. Of course, St-Pierre’s friend and training partner, Rory MacDonald, is slated to challenge for the belt early next year.