One of the toughest fighters from UK, Ross Pearson was once a rookie in the MMA game.

Pearson discussed his first experience with us.

“I had done about 3 weeks of MMA Training and I was actually training for boxing. My boxing coach didn’t know I was sneaking off to do MMA.”

Pearson is one of the top boxers in his division but his decision to go into MMA looks like it was the right one.

“I didn’t actually know anything (prior to first fight). We went out and had an all out war. I won a decision and it was a war. My face was all messed up.”

Pearson tells a great story about how his parents didn’t know about it until after and their priceless reaction to their son’s bloody face. Have a watch for the full interview.

Pearson is 16-7 overall and was the winner of Season 9 of The Ultimate Fighter. He has only lost once in his last 5 fights in the UFC and won his most recent outing in devastating fashion with a second round of former title contender Gray Maynard.